We are bombarded with information day and night from all of the electronic advances and communication devises of our times. Computer, cell phone, television, radio, all are sending us information day in and day out, minute by minute.
The human brain can process 400 million bits of information per second. But we are only aware of 2,000 of those bits. Dr. Joseph Dispenza.

So we must make the decision as to what does or does not impacts lives. We are talking about the meaning of life for each of us. And since the meaning of life is to be happy, I believe, this bears on us and our meaning and our happiness.

There at least these five ways through which facts can affect us or not and thereby touch our caliber of life:

1. We receive information but it does not affect of lives. Therefore, we ignore it. Simple enough.

2. A piece of knowledge could change our lives but we are drawn away by something else and let that intelligence by us.

3. We receive knowledge but for one of several possible reasons simply do not follow through with it. We comprehend it; we simply let it flee.